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Convert older legacy 2D documents to modern 3D

You can update your old paper or 2-D (AutoCAD etc) documents into a modern 3-D CAD format.

We offer conversion to Dassault SolidWorks® documents, with full parametric functionality.

From there, if required, we can offer translation to a variety of other 3-D formats: STEP, IGES, STL, ProE, CATIA Graphics, DXF, or Universal 3D, with reduced parametric functionality.

If you require translation to a specific format not mentioned, we may still be able to help, so just ask us.

The benefits of drawing conversion are:

  • Older products can be integrated into new designs
  • Data is far quicker and easier for authorised staff to access, and to transmit to suppliers
  • Modification is quicker and easier
  • Deteriorating drawings can have their data captured while it is still readable
  • Space given over to drawing storage can be freed up, and fire hazards reduced
  • Errors or missing information can be uncovered and addressed
  • Document management and security can be improved.

The conversion is carried out by us, at our premises in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, and is totally confidential.

We have decades of experience, spanning both paper drawing systems and CAD-based systems, so if you are new to CAD, we can help make the transition a smooth one. If, however, you’re an experienced CAD user just modernising your records, we understand what you want.