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Talk to the Hand

22 May 2012

Leading automation technology supplier, Festo, have produced a robot hand that can be controlled remotely from a special glove worn by an operator. The glove, custom-fitted to the operator, reads the operator’s movements, and transmits them to the robot hand. The robot fingers can also be given additional force, allowing... Read More

“Nobel” prize for Engineering

10 May 2012

The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, a new £1 million prize described as a “Nobel” for engineers, has recently had its judging panel announced by organisers. The panel is made up of a team of 14 experts from a range of disciplines, including physicist Brian Cox OBE,  a Research Fellow of the Royal Society... Read More

Robot Machining Developments

19 Apr 2012

Using Industrial robot technology to carry out machining, could save 30% in comparison to machine tools, while offering greater workshop flexibility. The principle is for a rotating cutting tool to be held in a spindle at a fixed location, while a robot moves the component over the tool. For large components, the work piece is held... Read More