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“Nobel” prize for Engineering

10 May 2012

The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, a new £1 million prize described as a “Nobel” for engineers, has recently had its judging panel announced by organisers. The panel is made up of a team of 14 experts from a range of disciplines, including physicist Brian Cox OBE,  a Research Fellow of the Royal Society University and presenter of a number of science programs for television.

The prize fund itself is funded by a number of engineering firms, and will be awarded every 2 years to individuals or teams of up to 3. The prize aims to recognise outstanding advances in engineering that have changed the world and benefited humanity.

Britain has a proud tradition as an engineering nation, and this award, which had its official launch in London in November last year, is designed to raise the profile of engineering as a driver of economic growth. It will help to attract and inspire the next generation of talented individuals into the field of engineering, something which is vital to support the 550,000 engineering companies contributing to the economy of the UK.

Nominations are now open and will close on 14 September 2012.

For more information and to make a nomination: